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Support 18000+ Stray and Destitute Desi Cows

Campaign by Shree Krishnayan Desi Gauraksha Avam Golokdham Sewa Samiti

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Thousands of innocent cows are left on the street without a home. Many of them are just aged, injured, or abandoned. Many of these fall in the hands of butchers. These cows when abandoned roam freely on streets which is one of the causes of accidents and ultimately deaths. These cows are docile creatures who do not harm anyone at all. However, once they grow old, their owners disown them because they are of no use to them. According to the Livestock Census, 2019, India is home to more than 19.34 million stray cattle. These cows give milk all its life but when they grow old, they have to struggle a lot for survival which is very insane and bad.

For millions of stray cattle and innocent cows, Gaushala is a place which they can call home. Shri Krishnayan Desi Gaushala is a home to more than 18000 destitute cows and cattle which all are living a happy and peaceful life. Many of these cows have been brought to Gaushala from horrible times. Some of them were disabled or deeply injured even fighting for their life. We not only give these cows a second home but also a second chance of a happy life. 

Most of these cows in the Gaushala are milk barren but they are looked after very well with utmost care. They are fed with a mixture of fodder that includes Wheat, Green Grass, Dried Grass, and Jaggery. They are given plenty of water and have acres of land to move around. They are also looked after by an expert team of doctors in the Gaushala and are treated with quality medicines. 

Amid these difficult times, Shri Krishnayan Gaushala is feeding and taking care of these precious animals. We urge people to come forward to donate towards this noble cause so that these native Indian (Desi) cows can live a peaceful and happy life. 

Not only these cows are saved and sheltered but it helps us in the following ways:

  • Native Indigenous cows are saved and protected
  • Promotion and development of a high-quality breed of desi cows
  • Organic farming will be promoted by using gobar and gaumutra as manure and pesticides.
  • Environment will be protected and conserved
  • Research and development in cow therapy
  • Awareness will be spread about the usefulness of desi cows
  • Skill development & training to people on organic farming, dairy and on being self – reliant through cow economy.
Shree Krishnayan Desi Gauraksha Avam Golokdham Sewa Samiti

Shree Krishnayan Desi Gauraksha Avam Golokdham Sewa Samiti

Beneficiary Charity

Surendar Agarwal

Surendar Agarwal


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