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The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new risks and challenges for victims of human trafficking, a crime, which grievously violates basic human rights of millions of people worldwide who are compelled to exist as slaves. The pandemic and its fallout has exacerbated poverty, impacted livelihoods and brought survivors and their families to the brink of starvation.

India is among the top ten countries with the largest estimated absolute number of people in modern slavery (Global Slavery Index 2018). We’re talking about some of India’s most marginalized communities that are now more vulnerable to victimization than ever before.

We need targeted action to protect women, men and children at risk and work against traffickers who are taking advantage of the pandemic to exploit the vulnerable.

At Vihaan, we use a victim centric, end-to-end approach to ensure rehabilitation and reintegration of survivors of trafficking. Every survivor’s right to survival, development, protection, justice and participation is ensured through our programs facilitating diverse multi-stakeholder interventions and partnerships.

Our aftercare services include: 

Immediate support: Health check-ups, placement in safe custody/shelter homes, trauma assessment, counselling and legal support for the first 3-months.

Short term support: Continued medical, legal and psychological support. Individual care plans are initiated. This includes assessment of interests/aptitude, supporting the survivor’s family and facilitating the compensation process for a 6-month period.

Long term support: Once individual assessments are carried out, survivors are admitted into our exclusive Foundation Course and Skills Training program. Job assessments and government scheme facilitation is provided. Reintegration and complete restoration support are given to survivors and their families. Follow-ups are carried out over physical meetings/ calls by Vihaan’s trained counsellors and social workers. The legal team continues working towards conviction of the accused and assurance of getting justice and compensation for survivors. While the above support is provided for up to a year, it takes several years to close most cases.

Across India, Vihaan continues to support more than 3250 survivors through aftercare. We have rescued close to 4800 victims of trafficking from destination points across India. The interest of each survivor is a critical aspect in all we do with and for them.

Through our aftercare support program, Vihaan provides extensive guidance to reintegrate survivors in the best possible way. The program encompasses recovery for health, economic and social status, which includes

  • Settlement in a stable and safe environment,
  • Access to a reasonable standard of living,
  • Mental and physical wellbeing,
  • Opportunities for personal, social and economic development,
  • Social and emotional support, and
  • Justice and fair compensation
We are on a mission to make trafficking a rarity and create a world where there is justice and equity for all! Come, help us bring hope and freedom to survivors.


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