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Support GGBK to build Community Resource Centre for 1000 vulnerable, migrant families in Sunderbans and create community resources

Campaign by Goranbose Gram Bikash Kendra

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According to the comprehensive Amphan damage report and current context, embanks of Sunderban delta that spread over 160km were wiped out in the cyclone, taking the loss on this count to Rs. 5000 Cr. Hectares of farmland and fisheries have been affected. This is the report of only a single disaster but as we know Sunderban has to face several cyclone and disasters repeatedly every year which causes poverty, loss of life, livelihood, shelter and people are forced to migrate at different states and abroad. After pandemic and super cyclones in the year 2022-2023, the cases of unsafe migration, gender based violence, human trafficking, child marriage, child labor have increased at a large scale. As per GGBK’s study the people from the vulnerable community have taken loans with high interest (18%) per month where they do not had any plan of repayment and which in turn increase the risk of debt bondage. To overcome from this situation sustainable alternative livelihood generation is need of the hour. It is challenge for these communities to avail the knowledge & information of accessing the facilities. A barrier of access between the community and the Government centers is quite prevalent and not available in the location.

Training support  -

  • Training on alternative livelihood options like handicrafts, food processing, jute work, organic farming, vermi-compost for livelihood generation.
  • Counseling and perspective building of the women and the community people for disaster preparedness and mitigation, access the livelihood.

Linkage building  -

  • Marketing & linkage for tie-up with business agencies, local market, e-marketing & government schemes.
  • Awareness generation and knowledge build up on disaster preparedness and Government welfare & security scheme.

Educational support

  • Promote Education through non-formal education centre, after school and leadership development of children and adults.

Ensuring access to services for at-risk children, migrant population, young women and survivors of human trafficking as a resource hub for their knowledge building, psycho-social, counseling, advisory, resilience building and livelihood.

  • 1000 families will be able to decide on livelihood options and start their businesses, entrepreneurships using local resources.
  • 5000 members of 1000 migrant families will be impacted.
  • Enabling community self sustenance and preparedness for taking action during disaster.
  • 70 percent the participants will be linked with Government schemes.
  • 100% of the Beneficiaries will get the scope of Business expansion, scale up and diversification.
  • 60% of the trainees get the scope of tie up with small and big business agencies and expand their start ups.
  • Adult education will be promoted within 5000 community people.
  • 1500 children get access to technical, vocational courses depending on their individual abilities.
  • Need of education to all will be promoted and immediate learning will be facilitated in the community.
Goranbose Gram Bikash Kendra

Goranbose Gram Bikash Kendra

Beneficiary Charity

GGBK India

GGBK India


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