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The objective of this appeal is to describe about the present scenario which we came across post the recent Covid19 pandemic. The pandemic threat in the past 2 years for the below the poverty line people has created a tough life impact on their regular source of income. During the pandemic lockdown we extended facilitation with the essential needs like ration kit to more than 500 families having persons with disabilities in the suburbs of our district. During the above intervention we could find that the persons with disability in these areas are facing various problems. So, we decided to have our intervention program for 300 persons with disability in the area during the next 2 years, in order to improve the living status of this neglected group and also to create an inclusive society, where they all live with equal opportunities. 

The Trust has been working among the persons with disabilities in in Tirunelveli, Tenkasi and Coimbatore districts, they are assisted in getting the Unique ID cards, rail/bus pass, pension, and assistive devices they require from the Govt agencies. They are also helped with necessary assistive devices for their easy mobility within their house and outside areas, with the help of individual philanthropists. They are also given career guidance and helped in procuring financial assistance for their income generation and sustenance activities. They are counselled on the dignity of life and motivated to do something on their own for their livelihood instead of depending on begging in streets.

The proposed project is centered on our prime focus on persons with disability for their sustenance in their socio-economic conditions and for taking further steps to resolve the issues faced by them. With the support from Government and non-Government philanthropic resources, we believe that we will resolve their problems in the next 2 years. They will be able to get some regular income for their sustenance to lead a comfortable living condition and also in getting assistive devices, pension support, inclusive surrounding, educational and vocational support, safety to women members etc.

Our goal is “Creating awareness on disability to all stakeholders and conducting training to the target people in order to achieve the inclusive environment where the PwD enjoy equal opportunities. By taking all measures for the empowerment of the PwD and to work for enabling a society with equal opportunities irrespective of their genders, races, linguistics, and economic status”. We plan to provide individual assistance, special attention, and care to the PwD, with a specific focus on children with disabilities.

Outcomes & Impact

The expected outcome is that the persons with disabilities live in an inclusive atmosphere and the following are the impact highlights:

1. Skill training and getting financial assistance for their livelihood activities

2. Getting them Unique ID cards, rail/bus pass, pension, assistive devices, etc.

3. Getting Admission to schools & other educational assistance.

4. Ensuring employment opportunities to the eligible PwD. 

5. Motivating them to go for vaccination to protect themselves from the pandemic

Service Initiative for Voluntary Action Trust

Service Initiative for Voluntary Action Trust

Beneficiary Charity

Subramania Siva

Subramania Siva


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