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Support medical expenses for abandoned challenged children at Palna Bal Chetna

Campaign by Delhi Council for Child Welfare

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Palna is our home for the abandoned, relinquished and destitute children. Infants arrive in a very precarious state of health in Palna. Some suffer from cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Down’s syndrome, autism, mental retardation etc. These children, aged between 0 to 11 years, with severe mental and physical challenges reside at Palna Bal Chetna residential facility (literally meaning “Ray of Hope”). Of the 80-100 abandoned children residing with us, we have about 15-20 challenged children residing at Qudsia Bagh, New Delhi. We have special therapists, doctors and trained nurses who look after these children with utmost care. Some need intense, round the clock medical care which all comes at a very high cost. We require funds for conducting medical tests like MRI, EEG, routine bloodwork and ultrasound, some of which come at a very high cost. In addition, we need equipments like pulse oxymeter, glucometer, nebulizer, suction machine, and reception machine for their everyday monitoring and care.

We have an emergency care medical crisis unit staffed with a qualified medical team for the very fragile children. We seek assistance of nearby hospitals for the very critical. For the others, we have qualified trained therapists who provide the necessary therapies to mentally challenged children to make them self-reliant through language, cognitive and social development therapy, as far as their condition permits.

Positive improvement in these abandoned challenged children comes gradually. It takes months of efforts by our trained and dedicated therapists and nurses who look after them with utmost care. The funds we are seeking shall help us in providing better medical care to these challenged children.

Delhi Council for Child Welfare

Delhi Council for Child Welfare

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Radhika Ramnath

Radhika Ramnath


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