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Shabana had a difficult life, an unsupportive husband and no proper home. She struggled to make ends meet. Her one-and-a-half-year-old daughter Aliya was her only hope in life.**Her life fell apart when Aliya was diagnosed with Will’s Tumor, a type of kidney cancer that was caused because she was malnourished.** Her husband abandoned them when he found out about Aliya.Shabana was left to take care of her daughter alone. She did not understand the treatment Aliya needed and had no income to provide for her. Cuddles helped Shabana by enrolling her in the monthly ration program. **This program gave Shabana a standard package of rations every month.** They also gave meals and nutrition supplements to her daughter in the hospital. This steady supply of nutrition helped Aliya’s treatment work effectively on her body and **today she is cancer-free!****Close to 90% of children with cancer who are from poor families are malnourished at diagnosis.** Nutrition is key during treatment of cancer. Having proper meals or supplements while being treated gives children the strength needed to undergo the treatment.Your donation can help parents like Shabana give their children a fighting chance at life. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is [GIVEASSURED]( Donate now to provide ration and meals to underprivileged children who suffer from cancer.

About The Program

Cuddles foundation through this program works on providing holistic nutrition to underprivileged children suffering from cancer.Most cancer affected children from low socioeconomic background are malnourished at diagnosis. We’ve noticed that families that move to other cities for treatment of their children don’t have enough to eat due to financial constraints - they’ve often left their jobs and mortgaged their assets to barely afford treatment and stay in the big city. This affects the child’s daily calorie intake, her ability to fight cancer, and worsens the family’s financial situation. The chances of abandoning treatment are very high without additional support for the family.Cuddles Ration Program provides a family of four with adequate monthly ration. This ensures that the child is provided with wholesome meals at home, enabling her to fight cancer better. We prioritize families that belong to low-income groups and have come from outstation locations for their child’s treatment.The families are given monthly ration supplies including flour, rice, all types of dal, oil, spices, salt, seeds, ghee among other essential food items.Ration baskets are given at the hospitals or through a coupon system tied up with predetermined vendors.When you donate to this program, you will help provide the much-needed support to families of underprivileged children suffering from cancer.

About The NGO

Feed a Child. Starve Cancer.Food Heals:Childhood cancer is mostly curable. But in India, with up to 40% of children with cancer being malnourished at diagnosis, survival is a problem. Cuddles Foundation is on a mission to change that with its FoodHeals Program. Here’s how: • Provide trained nutritionists to government and charity cancer hospitals. • Share food and supplements with patients and families.• Support caregivers with the knowledge to make the right food choices.Good Food Helps Medicine Work:By sponsoring the FoodHeals program, you help children experience:1. Lesser side-effects and treatment complications2. Fewer breaks or delays in treatment3. Improved chances for survival 4. Better immunity against infection5. A feeling of being supported and cared forCuddles Foundation’s FoodHeals Program is customised to a child’s medical condition providing the right nutrition needed for the child to complete her treatment successfully. Here's how:• Assess: Screening and assessing the nutritional status of every child seeking treatment for cancer in their partner hospitals• Evaluate: Evaluating side-effects that may negatively impact her nutritional status• Prescribe: Finalising the right nutrition therapy and prescribing a customised diet plan.• Provide: Aiding and supporting the child and family by providing nutritional supplements, hot meals, in-meals, eggs, bananas and monthly ration baskets for a family of four.• Monitor: Continuously monitoring her nutritional status and reassessing plans, if necessary. • Support: Supporting patient families with the knowledge to make healthier food choices by organising parent support group meetings, videos and talks on the subject.Cuddles Foundation is nourishing children in:• 30+ government and charity cancer hospitals• 20+ cities• Working with 250+ paediatric oncologists

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Cuddles Foundation

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