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Yein Udaan works with children who belong to the local underprivileged community, and attend schools with poor physical infrastructure and low-quality academic intervention. They experience widespread abuse at both home and school, hindering their mental and emotional wellbeing during their developmental years, further hampering their value system, contributing to the systemic issue of abuse as conflict resolution.

Furthermore, school is often the only supervised environment in which these children find themselves. Coming from single-parent or dual-income households, marginalised children are often privy to negative externalities within the community such as gang violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and petty theft, as they are left uncared for after-school hours, while their parents are absent or at work.

To bridge this access gap in safety and learning, Yein Udaan provides a safe space where vulnerable children are supported with academic mentoring, life skills and value education, extra-curricular activities, and mental health and wellbeing targeted interventions.

The focus of this program is to:

Develop the learners’ English language and communication skills;

Improve their overall health by providing nutritious meals daily and mental health interventions;

Provide access to counselling sessions to address socio-emotional needs;

Generate access to holistic learning opportunities including arts-interventions, 21st century skills, sports and fitness;

Boost their morale, sense of belonging and confidence by facilitating a community of like-minded children and families who are seeking life-changing opportunities;

Build their creative and socio-emotional skills through exposure activities outside of the community environment.

Our mission is to hand-hold these young learners throughout their school journey into college, to realise our long-term vision of every learner having access to diverse and deserving learning opportunities. Since our inception, we have been working with 70 learners and their families on this transformative path. We have already witnessed improvements in language skills, shift in mindsets on abuse, violence and healthy relationships with self and others, development of non-academic skills which tap into each learner’s unique abilities, and overall healthy growth of the child.

We believe a holistic model of intervention at a safe space will enable participating children to improve their quality of development and life, and in turn culminate in a safe, healthy and joyous childhood. Such an intervention will not only result in short-term improvements as children stay away from negative influences but also have a long-term, sustainable impact as they grow into well-rounded, self-aware young adults, ready to thrive in the real world.

  • Over the years, 100% of our students have passed in at least 4/6 subjects, 87% of our students are now regular to school, 84% of our students are confident English speakers.
  • Our approach ensures every child is equipped to first have the awareness of the negative externalities they experience at home, school and in their community, such as, alcoholism, drug abuse, and violence (induced), and then a voice and skillset to change the generational cycle of these prevalent at large.
  • Our unique parent-based interventions have ensured that 83% of our parents are now no longer abusive to their children and are able to communicate effectively, building lasting relationships and safe environments at home.
  • In 2022, we will have our first student going to college, and in the next 5 years over 80% of our students will be in college. Thus, meeting our goal of marginalised children having the childhood they deserve and need to be eligible for success in life.
Yein Udaan

Yein Udaan

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Vedika Agarwal

Vedika Agarwal


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