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Bhaskar Punj Foundation is helping poor and unprivileged families without any caste or creed to get married to their girls according to their traditions, and that too without any sort of assistance from the government.

Bhaskar Punj Foundation requests that people should focus on their girl’s education rather than their wedding and leave the burden of their marriage on society and institutions like theirs.

In order to help poor families, we provide the funds that are needed for a wedding and ensure a successful marriage. For us, Kanyadaan is an extremely auspicious ceremony.

Thus, we love arranging weddings for as many girls as possible yearly. also, provide a complete marriage ceremony at our organization place and decided by the parents of the girl.

Marriage is an important milestone in the life of any girl in India. Unfortunately, many girls from poor families are unable to get married due to financial constraints. This is a major problem in India, as it leads to a number of social issues such as child marriage, dowry and female infanticide.

In order to address this issue, it is important for the government and other stakeholders to provide support to poor families for the marriage of their daughters. This support can come in the form of financial assistance, access to education and vocational training, and other forms of support.

Financial assistance is one of the most important forms of support that can be provided to poor families for the marriage of their daughters. This can include providing funds for the wedding expenses, dowry, and other related costs. This will help reduce the family's financial burden and make it easier for them to arrange for the marriage of their daughter.

Access to education and vocational training is also important for poor families. This will help equip the girls with the skills and knowledge they need to find employment and support themselves financially. This will also help to reduce the burden on the family and make it easier for them to arrange for the marriage of their daughter.

In India, the practice of child marriage is still prevalent in many parts of the country. Poor girls are especially vulnerable to this practice, as their families are unable to provide them with the financial resources necessary to pursue higher education or gainful employment. This leaves them with few options other than to marry at a young age.

Supporting parents of poor girls in India to prevent child marriage is an important step in the fight against this practice. Parents need to be educated about the long-term consequences of child marriage, such as the increased risk of health problems, poverty, and exploitation. They should also be provided with resources to help them provide for their daughters, such as access to education and employment opportunities.

In addition, parents should be encouraged to delay marriage until their daughters are of legal age. This can be done through awareness campaigns and community-based initiatives promoting the importance of delaying marriage until the age of 18.

Finally, parents should be provided with legal support to ensure that their daughters are not forced into marriage. This includes access to legal aid and counselling services and assistance in filing complaints against those pressuring them to marry their daughters off at a young age.

India is a country with a long history of gender inequality, and this is especially true when it comes to marriage. Poor girls in India are often married off at a young age, often before they are even old enough to understand the implications of marriage.

This practice has a devastating impact on the lives of these girls, as they are often denied the opportunity to pursue an education, are subjected to physical and emotional abuse, and are denied the right to make decisions about their own lives. This practice has a ripple effect on the entire society, as it perpetuates the cycle of poverty and gender inequality.

The most immediate impact of poor girls' marriage in India is the lack of education. Girls who are married off at a young age are often denied the opportunity to pursue an education, which can have a long-term impact on their lives. Without an education, these girls are unable to find gainful employment, which can lead to a lifetime of poverty and dependence on their husbands.

This lack of education also perpetuates the cycle of gender inequality, as girls are not given the same opportunities as boys to pursue an education and gain economic independence.

Bhaskar Punj Foundation

Bhaskar Punj Foundation

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Bhaskar Punj Foundation

Bhaskar Punj Foundation


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