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Kallo Devi has struggled all her life to make ends meet. **She lives in a slum and works as a domestic help in houses. She had no one to look after her at this old age.** She has one son who is 35 years old. Unfortunately, he is disabled and bedridden. **He is completely dependent on his mother for everything.** After the loss of her husband, she has been left alone to take care of her bedridden son and herself. **As she has aged herself, she cannot work for long hours.** She has extremely low income. She found it impossible to take care of the household expenses and her son. **Many days, she used to sleep hungry which had an effect on her health and her income.** She was then identified through an outreach program. She was enrolled in the 'Adopt an Elder' program. **The monthly rations and toiletries that she receives every month help her a lot in covering her expenses.** She no longer has a fear of not getting two meals a day. Kallo Devi still goes to work as domestic help and tries to earn the best way possible for herself and her son. She is happy that the little help she gets help her be more secure in her lift. **Your help can make many more senior citizens like Kallo Devi with two meals a day in their golden years. You can donate so that they don't lose all hope at a hard time in their lives. You can give with confidence because every program listed is [GIVEASSURED](**

About The Program

Sarthak Prayas runs an 'Adopt an Elder' program. Through this program, they adopt poor and destitute elders from slums. Donations to this program support to cover the cost of dry rations, toiletries and distribution costs for one poor elder per month.The program works tirelessly to support poor senior citizens living in urban slums. These poor aged people either alone or with families who cannot take care of their living expenses. They end up as a burden and can't even afford basic food, clothing, and toiletries for themselves. Sarthak Prayas' 'Adopt an Elder'program has adopted 25 senior citizens from slum areas of Rohini, New Delhi. On the second Sunday of every month, they distribute monthly rations to them.The members of the program are provided with dry rations to sustain them for a month. These includeWheat flour RicePulsesSugarSpices Salt They also receive the required toiletries for a month. Many of the elders that were adopted in the program used to earlier beg on the streets. Ever since they have been receiving support, they live with self-respect and no longer beg for two meals a day.When you donate to this program, you help destitute elderly citizens with rations for two meals a day and access to basic hygiene.

About The NGO

Sarthak Prayas was established in the year 2003 with aim to help the underprivileged of New Delhi in the area of health and education. The programs are spread across different slum areas in the city. Two of their major interventions are in the field of education as well as elderly. Under education, Sarthak Prayas runs remedial education centers where students from government schools attend classes every day to improve their knowledge. The centres help students complete their homework and revise lessons of the day. They also impart life skills and teach them how to deal with real life situations. The organisation runs eight centers in Delhi/NCR with 40 students studying in each center. Since the children are from an impoverished background, the organisation also supplements their nutrition with packed food every day after the class. In addition to this, as part of recreation for the children, the centres also celebrate children's birthdays every month. During the celebrations, children cut cake and the teachers distribute gifts. Each day the students attend sessions for approximately 90 minutes. Their other program focuses on people at the other end of the age spectrum, the underprivileged elderly. The premise behind this is that the elderly have struggled all their life for food, shelter and livelihood. They have now reached an age where their bodies don't allow them to work a lot and their economic conditions do not allow their families to be able to take care of them either.Sarthak Prayas visits the slums and identifies elderly people who were unable to take care of themselves. As a part of their intervention, they provide dry ration on a monthly basis for a one person's need. They also provide quarterly clothing and toiletries. The material is distributed in designated locations near their slums every month. Apart from the above two programs, they also run a telephonic helpline centre for people who require blood transfusions. Sarthak Prayas tries to fulfil requests raised within 2 hours. Finally, they also organise awareness camps at public places and schools on the dangers of Global warming. Till now, they run such camps for more 1000 students in the Delhi/ NCR region.

Sarthak Prayas

Sarthak Prayas

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Rohit Nair


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