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Support (relief, medical, counselling and awareness) to individual women survivors of violence

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Bhagyashree had a hard life from childhood. She was born into a very poor family. Her education was discontinued as her parents couldn't afford it. She stopped going to school and started helping with family chores from a really young age. She grew up hoping that one day she would marry someone who would care for her and they would live happily. It was with these hopes she got married. Unfortunately, reality was much different. Her dreams were shattered when her husband started to beat her regularly. Not only did he abuse her regularly, he also regularly cheated on her with other women. All the abuse could not break Bhagyashree's spirit **While Bhagyashree put up with all the torture, she had her breaking point when he refused to take responsibility of their children** She was a fighter and decided to break out of the abusive relationship. She mustered all her courage and broke free from the ties of her marriage from her violent husband. She then decided to rebuild her life towards a better future. Bhagyashree contacted **Gauravi, the one-stop crisis centre for women**, run as a collaborative project by the Government of Madhya Pradesh and ActionAid India. Gauravi is a pioneer organisation which helps women not only fight for justice but also helps them regain strength to start afresh. Gauravi helped Bhagyashree turn her life around. She began training in fashion designing and became very good at it. Bhagyashree now owns a boutique that she built with her hard work. Confident and independent, she is happy and is successfully sending her children to school. **You can help this program by donating to cost of the counselling and operations of the shelter homes. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is [GIVEASSURED]( Give now and help a victim of abuse fight for justice. **

About The Program

Action Aid through Gauravi provides support to victims of sexual and domestic abuse. Gauravi is the 24X7 one-stop crisis center of ActionAid. The center caters to domestic and sexual violence victims of any age, as well as minor boys under POCSO Act. The victims are provided with counseling, intervention, legal help, medical help, shelter home as well as social rehabilitation. The center is set up in a Government hospital as it is easier for a woman to approach it than a police station. Cases are received through a helpline on a phone. A friendly atmosphere is provided so that the victim can talk openly without fear. Sometimes, counseling is also done over the phone at times. The center makes sure that confidentiality is maintained. Medical check up is the first action taken for any victim.Counseling is done with dignity for every individual. They are not forced to take immediate legal action and are encouraged to explore other options that may be available. Meetings with family, in-laws or parents are conducted to understand if remedial actions can be taken. In case remedial actions do not work out police complaints are made. The program also runs shelter home. The home offer shelter for victims for a limited time. Women who need permanent or longer duration shelter are shifted to Swadhar affiliated homes. For domestic violence cases, counseling is done and then 'Moot' courts are conducted with the family to understand the court proceedings. In severe cases, legal aid is provided free of cost. Cases are taken to court after the internal committee makes the decision. Donations to this program will support the centers of Bhopal, Lucknow and Guwahati. When you support this program you help a survivor of abuse get access to a safe shelter and counseling

About The NGO

ActionAid India is part of a global federation and a full affiliate of ActionAid International that has presence in over 40 countries worldwide. Since 1972, the poor and the excluded have been at the centre of their programs in India. In 2006, they got registered as an Indian organisation called ActionAid Association. They are primarily a human rights organization. They work for the rights of disadvantaged women and children ensuring that they have good means of livelihood. ActionAid has empowered its women to take up roles in the society which till now were dominated by males, such as truck drivers, cab drivers etc. After a public hearing of a rape case in Gwalior, ActionAid set up the crisis centre in Bhopal. Gauravi is the first of its kind in India with the help of the Department of Health In 2014 to provide rights to victims of domestic and sexual abuse, belonging to vulnerable community chiefly. There are 22 Gauravi centres across the country - 3 in Madhya Pradesh, 17 in Uttar Pradesh and the most recent ones started in 2017 in Manipur and in Tuticorin. Till now, 40,000 cases have been registered in the centers. The cases that are looked into are: rape, domestic violence, molestation, minor cases, witch branding, victims of trafficking, women with mental illness, destitute women, and male or minor male victims of sexual harassment.

ActionAid Association

ActionAid Association

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Rohit Nair


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