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Most of the older people in the Baliapal area are staying deserted without the care from their family members. Either they are neglected by their children due to poverty of over burden of the family or quarrel between the sons. The older people are not getting proper cloth for their own and winter cloth, or sleeping materials properly and living in a very hard condition without love and affection and clothes. during our PRA such type of older people were recommended by the villages for the assistance for the cloth those who are very poor, no family member are taking care of them. During the last stage of their life they are deserted and helpless so they need for the assistance.

In past experience ARM was supported 200 older people those who were helpless and deserted. The support was from different donor agency like GIVE India, Globe MED has been supported for the clothes, sleeping materials, winter clothes, Mosquito net to both male and female older people.

This support to the older people in the Baliapal area has a very good impact and the older people were living in a respectful life and dignity. For some time they feel that ARM is their son and has take care of the clothes and blessed to the donors for healthy life of their family. With the use of the mosquito net they remained free from malaria, with the sleeping materials and woolen cloth they protected themselves from cold and remained healthy.

Alternative For Rural Movement

Alternative For Rural Movement

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