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Akshan was born in a poor family in Trichy. They could hardly afford their basic necessities and struggled to get through each day. When they found out about Akshan's illness, his parents were shattered. **He was diagnosed with a heart condition** where his arteries were affected. He did not get enough oxygen to his body and was in a life-threatening situation. Akshan's parents knew how dangerous the situation was but they could not afford the surgery he needed to survive.Their miracle came through when they were referred to Ekam. **Ekam provided for Akshan's consultation and treatment at MIOT hospital.** They took complete responsibility of his situation and monitored the process closely. Akshan underwent many procedures at this hospital, including an arterial switch operation. The cost of his treatment was Rs.3,00,000 out of which Rs. 55,000 was arranged by the parents. The rest was raised through Ekam. Akshan has now recovered and is a healthy and happy 9-month old child.

About The Program

Ekam works across multiple interventions in the field of infant mortality. The overarching focus is on the child, specifically infant health. They have helplines in Chennai and Mumbai. References come through the helpline or from the Regional or Zonal officers as well as for patients in other districts. Sometimes the Hospitals or Ekam's medical committee refer as well. Once the referral is received, the Patient Welfare Division will verify the patient details by visiting them and checking the medical documents. Along with the documents, the hospital where the child is to be treated also provides a quotation for every individual patient. The report is sent to the medical committee who approves subsidizing the cost of treatment for the patient. The hospital then admits the patient and starts treatment while the bills are paid on credit basis. Throughout the hospitalization time, Ekam personnel are in touch to ensure that the treatment is completed and the patient is discharged.

About The NGO

The foundation of EKAM Foundation lies in the belief that every child has the freedom to live and none should be denied the right to healthcare. Thus, they are committed to the healthcare of neonates, children, adolescents, and mothers from underprivileged communities. Their primary focus is on rural health and they aim to achieve this through direct medical support and indirectly through community awareness, empowerment, and participation. EKAM intervenes to bring a desired positive impact on the overall life-saving scenario by providing support and enhancing their health through several initiatives. They supplement care at primary health centers, district hospitals, and other tertiary care government hospitals by training nurses, helping in maintaining critical equipment, transporting sick infants to the nearest district hospitals, providing lab test support, drugs and medicines in select government hospitals. In addition to this, several camps, training programs, empowerment workshops are organized to create awareness among adolescent girls, expectant mothers, and the community. Their mission is to complete the government health system and not replace it. As of last year, EKAM has reached out to over 1.08 million children and as many families through its multi-pronged initiatives.

Ekam Foundation

Ekam Foundation

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Rohit Nair


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