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"Cancer" The word carries not only dread, but a certain finality to it. Those suffering from it often believe they are doomed. Charotar, where the Charutar Arogya Mandal’s institutions are located, has a long history of tobacco growing. Thus, it is not surprising that the region has a high incidence of oral cancers as well.

Anand and Kheda districts of Gujarat are tobacco producing areas, and as a result, tobacco is not only produced in large quantities, but is also consumed through various means in large quantities. Hence, the Mandal established the M.S. Patel Cancer Centre, a state-of-the-art facility with Radiation & Medical Oncology services in the year 2004. The Centre which was funded by Sir Dorabji Tata Trust was started with facilities for radiation and medical oncology, two Linear Accelerator, CT Simulation, 3-D Treatment Planning System, Image Guided Brachytherapy for Radiation and a full fledged Day Care Facility for the Chemotherapy. Since its inauguration by Shri Ratan Tata, the Centre has, over the last 19 years, earned the goodwill not only of the local community but also remote areas of the State.

The Centre, with its modern facilities and a compassionate team of clinical and para-clinical staff as well as social workers, is proving to be one of the best options available for the treatment of cancer across the state. The M.S. Patel Cancer Centre is registered on the National Cancer Grid, which is a distinction and a recognition of the extensive work being done at the Centre. Last year, the Centre of the hospital had 37000 admissions out of which around 2500 patients required Chemotherapy cycles and around 4500 patients were put on Radiation therapy and 411 onco surgery of which around 2100 were new patients.

The hospital's Cancer Centre receives patients not only Gujarat but also from States like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. These patients largely belong to the less privileged section of society. Needy and economically less privileged families who are barely able to make the two ends meet with their meagre incomes first draw down their own savings and liquidate assets to meet treatment costs. Borrowings and financial aid from various communities, groups and friends, family and the state would be the next resort. Despite this, many people have to discontinue treatment, unable to bear the financial burden.

Charutar Arogya Mandal could treat more such cancer patients and provide more concessions to poor and less privileged families, if there was a source of fund available for concessions. We wish to reach out to more people, which is possible only with your support.

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