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Yellow Room is a long term, in-depth and immersive intervention that aims to turn children from very marginalized backgrounds into complete and well rounded human beings by taking education and emotional and physical wellness to their doorsteps. While working with children from very marginalised backgrounds we realised that any touch-and-go intervention will have a very limited, if any, impact on the lives of children whose issues go much beyond ‘education’ and include substance abuse, hygiene and health issues, sexual and physical abuse and emotional and mental health issues. This is why we imagined our Yellow Rooms as not just centres where a child could go to get a free class but as permanent safe spaces right in the middle of their SEDG* communities.

*SEDG- Socio Economically Disadvantaged Groups

Sarthak Foundation started with the belief that no child should be left behind for being born in economic and social disadvantage. All our projects and programmes are designed to make children and young people self-sustainable through education, social emotional strengthening and employability skills.

We have more than 5000 beneficiaries, 76% of them girls, who are the most vulnerable to dropping out of education. We run following programmes

1. Sarthak Yellow Rooms (currently in 19 slums of Lucknow, Noida, Sitapur and Barabanki) 

2. Sarthak Gurukul (formal rural school based on the Yellow Rooms model of happy inclusive education, attended by children from 32 villages in Sitapur)

3. Sarthak Resilience Incubator (employment training and gender empowerment project for girls between the ages of 16 and 21 years)

Yellow Room

Yellow Rooms are permanent safe spaces right in the middle of their SEDG* communities. They are open 6 days a week, all year round and each child in the slum spends 3 to 4 hours every day in the Yellow Rooms. The Yellow Rooms are completely free of cost for the children and the community. The Sarthak Yellow Rooms not only run classes for Science, Maths and English, but they also put equal stress on health, hygiene, industry exposure, nutrition, gender awareness and gender equality, general knowledge, communication and etiquette. The Yellow Rooms also undertake community outreach and parent counselling activities and establish long-lasting roots in the slums. By taking education and emotional wellness to their doorsteps we actually become part of the community. 

*SEDG- Socio Economically Disadvantaged Groups

By supporting the education of children, you will ensure that

  1. 95% of children (especially girls) continue their education. 
  2. 90% of children become a part of formal school. 
  3. Increase in the foundational and learning levels of children. 
  4. 100% of children have access to nutrition, stationery, books and learning items. 
  5. Improvement in the psychological well - being of children. 
Sarthak Foundation

Sarthak Foundation

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Sarthak Foundation

Sarthak Foundation


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