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The Multipurpose Medical Camp

Campaign by Shri Kalyan Women Welfare Society

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1. Dantaramgarh Tehsil is the most backward in Sikar Districts ( Rajasthan ) in every sectors i.e. Education, Industrial, Natural Sources, Geographical, health, economically and development.

2.      So its result the Tehsil was declared Dark John from 1998 by Central and  Govt of Rajasthan.

3.      The Tehsil’s habitants live hood is depend only rain season’s agriculture, wages which is hardly get in the tehsil due to lack of industries. So they are to migrate other states or Gulf countries for earning.

4.      78% population are belonged to SC, ST and OBC who are so poor that we cannot imagine their well health . If they get ill, they will use local and traditional treatment or take shelter in superstitions.

5.      The Ngo used to organized such multipurpose medical camps in the tehsil, the inhabitants wait today for get speciliestis doctors services Free of Coast. 

 Objectives: -

1.      To provide various specialist i.e. ( Ladies, Ear, Eye, heart, general physician, brain etc. ) doctors not only their advice but also treatment, medicines, all kind of medical reports free of coast to Dantaramgarh Tehsil’s inhabitants under a roof on the same day.

2.      To awaken Dantaramgarh’s inhabitants for their health care.

3.      To remove superstitions from them

4.      To save their exploitations by private hospitals.

5.      To awaken them about Govt.Medical Schemes i.e. cashless treatment, Bhamashah health Scheme, Sharmic Card and labor card.

 Advertisement :-

The Ngo will advertise the camp though e- media, newspapers, pump lates and by vehicle in whole Dantaramgarh Tehsil from feb. 22, 2022 to feb. 24, 2022.

Specialist Doctors in the Camp who will give their duties:-

1.      Dr. Shalini Garg MDDM Cardiology

2.      Dr. Ankit Kayal MS Mch

3.      Dr. Neha Sharma  MD Gionologist Prof. Govt Janana SMS, Jaipur

4.      Dr. Pankaj Yaduvanshi MBBS MD General Physicial

5.       Dr. Nirmala Saini MD Skin & VD Skin

6.      Dr. Manoj Chodhary MD MS Ortho

7.      Dr. Sameer Parihar BDS MDS

8.      Dr. Arun Jangid MD EYE Sikar


Registration Process :-

6 counters will prepared for registration. It will be started 9 am to 2 p.m. First come and First get basis.  15 volunteers will take the patients to the desired doctors.

Doctors Sitting :-

 8 specialist doctors cabin will be prepared for out door.  16 volunteers will manage to send one by one patients to the doctors. 

Lab establishment :-  

The Ngo will establish labs i.e.  sugar, E.C.G., blood, B.P., C.B.C., E-ray and other in the PCH.  After the consultation the patients need any medical check up 7 volunteers  help the patients for medical check – up and providing them their medical report.

Medicines distribution counter :-

4 counters will be provided medicines to the patients free of coast.

Food & tea management  

 All the participants in the camp will be provided tea and food.

The serious and operable cases will be referred to Jaipur S.M.S hospital by Ngo’s expenses. They will be provided treatment/ operation etc according their needs on Govt. expenditures. 

1.      About 800 patients will participate in the camp. They will get Jaipur’s specialist doctors medical advice, treatment, all kind of medical reports free of coast under a roof on the spot in one time.

2.      Serious diseases and opera table patients will be got first aid in the camp and then permanent treatment by Rajasthan’s capital Govt. hospitals.

3.      The poor habitants of Dantaramgarh tehsil will be awakened for Govt. Health schemes.

4.      They will be saved their time, money and exploitations.

5.       The inhabitants will be provided Corona Vaccination in the camp.

6.      The Ngo will develop the PHC Dantaramgarh’s physical development.

7.      The tehsil’s inhabitants will be known to care their health.                                                                                                                                                                 


Shri Kalyan Women Welfare Society

Shri Kalyan Women Welfare Society

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