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To construct a small house to ensure the safety of 8 poor children and 80 years old lady & destitute woman

Campaign by Rural Development Organisation

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In Pudukkottai District, there is a place called Arasadipatti, where the most underprivileged and illiterate people are living. There is a most deprived family of Karuppaiah and Devi are living with 9 children. The mother Devi was died during child birth of their last child. Because of his wife’s death Karuppaiah became drink addict and forgot is responsibility. After some time, he had left these children alone and gone somewhere.

Now the children are hopeless and supportless. The first two children were left the home and get married by themselves. Now the third child is also left the home. But the rest of the children are struggling hard for their day to day survival. Their grandmother Logambal, 80 years old lady only taking care of these children with the support of their aunt Selvarani, she is the destitute with two children. All these children are living in the place, which is covered by Thaarpai (plastic cover), they don’t even have hut. There are some broken walls in that they have covered with some plastic cover & living there without any safety. Their situation becomes worst & even more pathetic during the rainy season/ other pandemic times.

These children are suffering without proper care and protection. They don’t even have their basic rights of living in a safety place. Their aunt is the only earning member and she is generating income by doing coolie works or selling flowers, which is not at all sufficient for their food and day to day survival. In this situation, they couldn’t build a home. So, we have decided to build them a small house to live safely.

Six children, the 80 years old grandmother and their aunt along with her two children, over all 8 children and two adults are in this family now. They are really facing more difficulty for their sustainability. If they have a proper place to live atleast will give them the big support for their life. Shelter is the foremost need of every human being. Our one time contribution will support them for their lifelong.

  • By constructing a small house for these helpless poor children, we can ensure the safety of those children and their entire family.
  • We are supporting the family which is struggling hard to have their basic needs for their survival.
  • This shelter will give them a relief at the time of pandemic/ rainy/ storm.
  • The 80 years old grandmother can spend her rest of life in peace.
  • Especially the safety of girl children can be rest assured.
Rural Development Organisation

Rural Development Organisation

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