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Children are the future of the nation. Hence, it is important to ensure healthy growth and development as an independent, empowered, better citizen of society. Education is the only way to improve the strata of individuals or society. Education empowers the individual to earn a livelihood, create awareness and uplift financial conditions.

Look For Child Foundation conducts various programmes, door to door campaigns, education support to create awareness about the importance of education in one’s life. Look For Child Foundation tries to open the doors of education for every child through their education support. It wants to ensure that no child is deprived of education due to critical financial condition or unawareness. Education is undone if the health is neglected. Look For Child Foundation through its various medical programmes supports kids born or diagnosed with critical medical conditions whose parents can’t afford medical treatment. Look For Child Foundation interacts with the medical speciality department of various hospitals and ensure best medical treatment is provided to kids free of cost or at very minimal fees.

Look For Child Foundation is educating more than 400 children at its education centers. Over 200 students are admitted to the school. Strength evaluation is done for each child. So that they can develop their strength into a career. Many kids with critical health conditions were given timely and proper treatment due to the NGO’s support.

Look For Child Foundation has taken this initiative to improve the condition of unprivileged children and will continue to do so.

14 Dec, 2023

Little Sodiam Needs Your Big Heart


Sodiam, a tiny ray of sunshine just 4 years old, is fighting a big, scary disease called blood cancer. His happy laughter, once a joyful melody in his small home, is now overshadowed by fear and exhaustion from countless treatments.

Sodiam's father works tirelessly every day, his hands worn and rough from weaving, hoping to earn enough for his little boy's medicine. His mother, a pillar of strength and love, watches over him, her heart filled with silent prayers and boundless love.

From the bustling city of Lucknow to the holy city of Banaras, they desperately searched for a cure, their hope flickering with each passing day. Finally, at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, their worst fear became reality - blood cancer.

Eight rounds of chemotherapy have left Sodiam weak, but his spirit remains strong. He yearns for the simple joys of childhood - playing with friends, learning new things in school, and just feeling like a normal, happy child again.

But the cost of his treatment is a mountain too high for his parents to climb alone. Ten to fifteen lakhs stand between Sodiam and a chance to live a full life. They can only watch helplessly, their hearts heavy with worry and fear.

Today, we appeal to your kindness. Let's join hands and fight for Sodiam's smile. Every small contribution, every act of love, is a vital step towards a brighter future for this brave little warrior.

Help us write a new chapter in Sodiam's story, filled with laughter, hope, and the joy of a healthy life. Donate now and be a hero in Sodiam's fight for life.

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Look for Child Foundation

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Look For Child Foundation


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