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The population of our urban underprivileged community is growing in metropolitan cities as rural people migrate for want of better livelihoods and education for children. Due to affordability issues, they tend to live in small tenements with poor hygiene conditions and no access to even the basic needs for a decent quality of life. There is a desperate need for the women of this society to support the family financially. Urban underprivileged women with minimum literacy levels are employed in informal job sectors involving hard manual labour, long working hours and r poor working conditions. There are several non-profit organizations and government funded initiatives training women in women-oriented, traditional job profiles.

In 1997, ANEW was started to fulfil the need in society to provide an empowering environment for women which provides them with vocational training and finds employment opportunities in the organized job sector for urban underprivileged women, based on their levels of literacy. First generation literates with basic education lack direction and employability skills. To bridge this gap, all vocational training at ANEW is supported by a lifeskills program to make the beneficiaries career ready.

The target group for ANEW’s courses are the urban under-privileged women candidates who are 1st generation literates from corporation / government schools and colleges or young women who are high school dropouts. The project purpose is to provide good quality training, free of cost.

Skill training at ANEW targets the educational qualification and personal capabilities of the beneficiaries. All training is supported with spoken English classes and a focused lifeskills and career readiness program to enhance employability.

ANEW believes in working closely with all its stakeholders, namely the donors/sponsors, partner organisations, volunteers, teachers, the underprivileged community (students and their parents) which forms our target group, corporates who provide internships and employment and other NGOs with whom we share a symbiotic relationship. Relevant industry partners co-certify our programs. It is this inclusive approach that has helped us in providing the help to the needy, and has led to long term sustenance of our programs.

ANEW enhances the socio-economic status of young underprivileged women by empowering them with self-confidence and the required skills to enable them become financially independent and contribute to family and society. ANEW's programs have stayed relevant to market changes since its inception.

ANEW has learnt and achieved much in the past 21 years in the cause of empowerment of underprivileged women. ANEW empowers underprivileged women, who find employment in the formal sector, become financially independent and use 100% of it to transform not just their lives but the lives of their families too, by providing them better education and healthcare.

When ANEW started in 1997, it was one of the pioneers in identifying the skill vs market requirement gap and providing a solution for it. Since then for the past 21 years, ANEW has successfully trained for employment close to 10,000 women in various fields. It has a robust process starting from the identification of the right candidates to the 3 - 6 months exhaustive training schedule which includes lifeskill and career readiness along with the vocational skill training. ANEW has so far sustained this novel approach and is confident that it will continue to do so in the coming years too.

Association for Non-Traditional Employment for Women

Association for Non-Traditional Employment for Women

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Girija Viswanathan

Girija Viswanathan


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