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India ranks at 135 out of 146 for Gender Parity, on the annual Gender Gap Report 2022 of the World Economic Forum (WEF) released in Geneva on July 13, 2022, just above Afghanistan, Pakistan, Congo, Iran and Chad etc. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2021 report Crime against women in India have increased by 13.2% while incidents of rape have increased by 19.34% over the previous year.


While crimes against women and children are increasing day by day, there is lack of adequate awareness and effective communication on these very issues and everyday topics that effect lives of women in India. Sex Education, Menstruation, Sexuality, Gender Norms etc. are all considered taboo conversation topics in most strata of Indian society., In turn, lack of proper understanding and knowledge contribute to unsafe, improper and experimental practices that further add to risk and challenges to women’s health and autonomy.

WeBhor, a women-run project of Manzil Mystics, leverages Music to Recognize, Create and Raise Awareness around challenges women face around their Rights and Empowerment at one level and Reproductive Health and Hygiene at another level. The name means ‘we rise together’, a combination of We (Hum sab) + Bhor (Savera/Subha). WeBhor mentors young women musicians come from low-income families through musical sessions to carry this message to the communities they work and live in.


Our Proposal -  WeBhor, a women-run project of Manzil Mystics, will leverage Music to raise awareness around Gender specific issues through Music Workshops aimed at girl students in the 11-18 age group in government/ low-income schools within Delhi NCR. The sessions will leverage Songs as a tool (singing and composition) to open conversations on Gender specific topics - Women’s Rights and Empowerment including Financial and Legal Literacy, Socio-emotional Wellbeing, Sexual Harassment, Reproductive Health and Hygiene.


As a secondary but equally important objective, the project also aims to provide employment to 10 women musicians from low-income background to facilitate these musical sessions in target schools and communities.


Programme Components:  

The programme will cover the following areas: 

a.    Gender sensitization: Biological and Societal Positioning of Women

b.    Reproductive Health: Physiological structure of the body and Reproductive health

c.    Nutrition Awareness & Menstrual Hygiene: Menstruation Management and Personal Health

d.    Why Women Must work: Career orientation, Aspirations, Self-pride

Direct Impact with 3000 girls: A safe space created in government and low-income schools for girls to discuss and understand the gender specific issues above (6 batches across 6 schools and low income communities, once a week 1 hour workshop over 6 months for each batch)


Indirect Impact with 20000 girls and Women: Through digital content, Teacher’s training, and live Performances


Livelihood Sustainability for 10 Women musicians for 1 year: WeBhor will identify, train 10 Women musicians from low-income family. The selected Women musicians will spend 20 hours a week educating 400 girls (in government & low-income schools) and 20 hours a week building their own employability skills through various courses (music, media, professional, life skills and capacity building) that WeBhor will offer. 

Manzil Mystics

Manzil Mystics

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Manzil Mystics


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