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Women Empowerment Project by Beauty Parlor Training

Campaign by Shri Kalyan Women Welfare Society

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  1. Although DantaRamgarh is Tehsil headquarter yet there is not any running agencies which is engaged to develop youth girls and women skill development like Nehru youth center, Govt Agencies, High Education center or I.T.I. and other n.g.o. except shri kalyan women welfare society.
  2. There is not any industry area in the block.
  3.  There is not any Govt. or non govt. schemes which is running to developing youths skill or if any exists there is not awakening in the women or youths so that they may get profit or participate of the schemes. 
  4. It is that DantaRamgarh Tehsil is the most backward in Sikar districts in every sector like :- education, industries. Geographical and natural sources.
  5. There is much ir -employment in the block lacking Industries areas.
  6. DantaRamgarh Tehsil has 88 % Sc., St., and obc peoples.
  7. There is not sufficient and regular Income Source for Youths and women.
  8. There is not any science and Technology development.

1.    Aims of the project:

  1. To organize free Beauty Parlor Training for 20 youth girls and   10 poor and rural women for developing their skill abilities development
  2. To provide employment and to joint the trainees group with “Urvarshi Beauty Parlor Professional Center.
  3. To awaken and participate the poor rural women and youth girls with   Business standard  Dabur pvt Ltd   welfare schemes .To develop confidence and self reliance in rural youth girls and women.
  4. To provide modern jobs for rural women developing their hand skill by low cost and enough profitable jobs. 

2.    Details about the steps of the proposed project:-

              The proposed project duration will be completed within six months After getting your grant in aid. Two batches will be trained. In first batch will involve youth girls must be 10th passed and another batch be rural poor women must be 8th passed. The batch will be professional. During the first 3 months the trainees will be trained both theory and practical class. In last 4-6 months the trainees will send in to birthday parties, marriages, anniversary and other programmes for professional practical practice. During professional practice the group will earn, the earning income divide into the group by ratio as a training allowances. The group will get 3000rs. Per function, 3 function will be done in a month average=9000/30=300 rs. Will get per month.

Note: The proposed project training is completely new in the local and there is not extension as a professional in Dantaramgarh. 

3.    Proposed Project’ steps:-

1. To issue vacancy and advertise about the project: After sanctioned the project, society will issue vacancy and advertisement through newspapers, e-news sources,  to paste pumplates on public noticed boards, grampanchhat and other vulgar places. To take interview checking the application forms and then make two batches having 20 youthes and 10 senior rural poor women. The training place will be society’s office . 

2.Training Programmes:- Theory and practical classes will be taken 2 hours per day by specialist beauty parlor teacher of the batches for first 3 months. During 4-6 month the learners will be sent in the social functions by professional way. The income of it will be divided among the batches as a training allowance.

3.Examination and connected with fully professional center:-Examination (Both theory and practical ) will be taken by trainers by every months of the trainees. After sixth months the passed and interested trainees will be connected with “ Urvarshi Beauty Parlor “ as professional way.  The profit from the parlor will be divided in them. The 20 ladies will be self reliance and earning stage.  

1.    Achievement of the Project:

  1. 20 rural youth girls and 10 women will get their skill development.
  2. The group will get employment by cooperating system or indivisual business after getting the training.
  3. Dantaramgarh Tehsil’s women will awaken of Dabur Ltd. welfare projects .
  4. 20 youth girls and 10 rural poor women will get Self reliance and confidence within 6 months.
  5. Rural women will get new techonoligical employments way leaving convential jobs. 

2.    The Detail of the income and expenditure of the parlor:-

Market Rates of the following parlor work:-

Facial : 250, 500, 1500 Rs.

Bleaching: 100, 250, 350, 500, 750 Rs.

Vax : 100 Rs.

Cutting : 30,40,50, 90, 100, 150 Rs.

Eye brow : 10, 30,50 Rs.

PROFIT 30 % will be earn

Ornaments hire for a function 1100, 2100, 3100 Rs.

Net profit 30% depreciation 70%

Marriage or other function

              Each social function for beauty parlor will be charge mini. 2100Rs.

Such the way the Urvarshi Beauty Parlor Group will earn 5000 to 7000Rs. Per month income.  

Shri Kalyan Women Welfare Society

Shri Kalyan Women Welfare Society

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