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Human trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) is a ‘rape for profit’ trade, where victims are kidnapped, coerced, deceived, transported or detained for the purpose of being sexually exploited for commercial gains or slavery.

Those who get rescued are bought to shelter homes for their rehabilitation and are released once they receive judgement on their cases or are sent back home to their families. For these girls, recovering from the trauma of their horrific past is extremely difficult. Once back in their villages, these girls are often isolated and face discrimination.

13-year-old Rubina was one such victim of sexual abuse and trafficked from her hometown in Bhiwandi to another city. A few months later, she was rescued and placed in a shelter home. Once the police managed to locate her family, she was sent back home only to find out that they would not accept her and had sold her off as a bride to the groom’s family. She was broken down and decided to run away and live life on her terms. This time the police put her in a shelter home where she learnt tailoring and various other skill- sets.

There are many such shelter homes in Mumbai where many girls and women who are rescued from human trafficking are given a platform for livelihood interventions by Srujna – women empowering not for profit organisation.

Rubina, a dedicated and a quick learner, managed to get herself work and eventually was employed by Srujna as a trainer to train other such rescued victims. “I try to motivate and inspire the girls to pursue their dreams”, says Rubina. She has trained about 60 girls in tailoring, supported them and given them courage through their difficult times.

“I wish to own a boutique one day and employ women like me so they can earn themselves a good living.” - Rubina

Unfortunately, Srujna has been unable to raise funds for one of their shelter homes. It is becoming difficult for the women of this home to get trained or learn new skills, as Srujna is the only NGO that works towards providing this. Even a small help would make a massive difference in the lives of these women.

What Srujna does:

Srujna is a platform that facilitates work and builds the capacity of underprivileged women through livelihood opportunities. They believe in a world where every woman has the ability and the resources to live a meaningful life.

Srujna has been successfully providing various programs to shelter homes since 2011. Under these programs, basic and advanced skill training, with a wide range of applications and employment scope is given to the women along with other capacity building workshops.

They get trained in various skill-sets such as tailoring, stitching, jewellery making, chocolate making and much more. On the whole, this provides income generation opportunities to these women once they are released from the shelter home, making them independent, confident and contributing members of the society.

Srujna has:

-Impacted 6000 women from various shelter homes all over India.

-Trained over 1150 women of which 200 are rescued victims of human trafficking.

- Set up various exhibitions/market connections for them to run successful work from home business models

Srujna Charitable Trust

Srujna Charitable Trust

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