"Livelihoods" sector in India.

Showing 12,335 NGOs and social enterprises that are working in the Livelihoods sector in India

Rang De

Bangalore, Karnataka

Provides microcredit to individuals from marginalized sections of society and helps them in becoming self-reliant

Fairtrade India

Bangalore, Karnataka

Provides an alternative trading platform to farmers and consumers

DesiCrew Solutions Private Limited

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Creating employment in rural areas by setting up Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Centers and employing people from the rural population

Cash Relief (Agrani India Foundation)

New Delhi, Delhi

Gives money directly to very poor people to help them overcome poverty

Yunus Social Business India

Bangalore, Karnataka

Financing and providing hands-on support to businesses working on social and environmental problems in India

GAME (Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship)

Bangalore, Karnataka

Works towards strengthening mass entrepreneurship in India through alliances & networks that promote, support and accelerate entrepreneurship

Eco Tasar

New Delhi, Delhi

Creates sustainable earning opportunities for small producers from rural areas by producing and selling textile products

Devidayal Solar Solutions

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Promotes usage of solar power by providing appliances based on solar energy, also encouraging new opportunities and income generation through its products

Mapani - Paakshantar

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Works to reduce water pollution and conservation of water by offering natural cosmetic and home cleaning products to the society


Mumbai, Maharashtra

Works to provide insights and analysis to help build a complete seafood ecosystem to enable sustenance, livelihood and traceability

Fluid Robotics

Pune, Maharashtra

Enables better management of water and waste water set ups by offering services using advanced technology and robotics


Mumbai, Maharashtra

Works to improve health infrastructure, promote access to secondary education, and facilitate opportunities for a sustainable livelihood to the residents of M East ward, Mumbai

Unified Microdevelopment Association

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Provides financial services and promotes finance literacy in rural areas

Florence Home Foundation

Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu

Provides support to children and women belonging to marginalised communities through micro-credit programs, shelter homes and health camps

Maitreya Rural Growth Venture Private Limited

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Supports social businesses in India by providing financial assistance