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Top 5 Causes to donate to this #GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday refers to the Tuesday after the U.S. holiday, Thanksgiving. On this occasion, people around the world come together in unity and show kindness & generosity through their voice, time, money, goods, and advocacy to support communities and causes.

If this is your first time donating or are looking for new organizations to donate to, it might get a little overwhelming to find the best charities to get behind from the millions of causes out there in the world. As a solution, we have listed down top five causes to donate to this #GivingTuesday:

Angels Orphanage

If you are looking to donate to charities for children, then this cause is definitely one that you should support. Situated in Bangalore, Angels Orphanage is home to more than 50 abandoned children who were either orphaned at a very young age or left for care by poor parents who could not afford to raise them. Ever since the Coronavirus, life has been extremely harsh on Sabina Solomon – mother to these children and owner of Angels Orphanage. With the lockdowns and her dwindling supporters, she has been struggling to feed her starving children and send them to school. They are unable to make ends meet. It costs kind-hearted Sabina ₹2,350 per child every month, including their food, clothes, education, healthcare and medical needs. You can be the reason behind a child’s whole future. Donate here.

Kathputli Puppeteers

International street artists of Delhi have been forcibly evicted from, otherwise a very famous address known as, ‘Kathputli Colony’. For 50 years they built this community through their kalah (artform); showcasing indigenous music, song, dance and their prized kalah – puppetry, in many national/international festivals.

The homes of more than 2,000 families of the Kathputli community were crushed to pieces by bulldozers as part of a slum development project. It has been three years since the project started but they still haven’t received proper, let alone hygienic & safe accommodation. Besides losing their world famous address and, consequently, employment, when Covid-19 hit India, these street artists community ran out of whatever work they had, money, and then, food.

They are currently being housed in transit camps with “plastic cubicles” for houses, as described by Anurag Chauhan, founder, Humans for Humanity, who have been providing food grains and cooked meals to 500-700 hard-up families for the last six months. Contribute to the Kathputli community and save a dying artform.

Community Animals

Winters can be extremely harsh in North India, especially for those on the streets without shelter. While most of us think of homeless people, a group of like-minded animal lovers want to protect our four-legged friends from the cold by building 300 small wooden huts and placing them in and around Gurgaon. In this citizens’ initiative to create animal welfare, they have been tending to all kinds of hungry, sick or injured animals for the last six years in partnership with Dr Shally of Gurgaon, bearing the expenses of feeding 50-odd of them every day and any treatment and medical costs with the help of friends and family.

“In Delhi, at least a 100 community animals lose their lives due to the cold every day in the winter. Many animals are beaten and shooed away when they seek shelter and warmth around those bonfires lit by people at every nook and corner,” says Vanshika Gupta, a resident of Gurgaon.

This GivingTuesday, fend for animal rights and let us not forget our friends on the street who are in dire need of food, shelter and medical aid. Donate here.

Immunise A Child

In April 2020, 2.9 million children in India missed their first dose of the measles vaccine due to the lockdown. 

Child Rights and You (CRY) has been on a mission to immunise more than 40,000 destitute children – newborns to age 5 – across India in the next 6-8 months, who have missed their prescribed inoculations due to the pandemic. Without these vaccines, these children are exposed to many deadly diseases such as tuberculosis, measles, polio, typhoid, and more, that can infect, maim and even kill children but, with timely immunisations, they can be prevented.

How can you save a child?

Donate vaccines starting at just ₹1,000 per child and CRY will provide a cycle of vaccination for a child for a year, and at ₹5,000, you can provide a complete five-year supply of vaccines for one child. 

Swades Foundation

Our kisans (farmers) face harsh weathers, political dismissiveness, and are struggling every day to ensure we have food on our plates – while they themselves go hungry. Swades Foundation has adopted a 360-degree approach to uplift rural livelihoods from poverty by supporting poor farmers to boost their annual income and stand on their own two feet.

Swades’s holistic approach includes giving rural households ways to widen their earning capacity by providing opportunities in animal husbandry; water for irrigation; seeds, saplings and trees to cultivate their fallow land; scholarships for rural youth to continue their education, and more. It is time we save our farmers and help their families prosper. Your donation will contribute to ensuring 29,303 households in rural India will become self-reliant. Click here to contribute.

These causes need your immediate attention. Give to deserving charities this Giving Tuesday.


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