THE year 2022 will be best remembered as the year when the world moved towards normalcy, following the global pandemic of Covid-19 that lasted for almost two years. The world faced an unprecedented crisis during much of 2020 and 2021. But it was also the time when compassion, generosity, and willingness to help others unified us as human beings. The same spirit continued in 2022, too. Thanks to donors from around the world, Give’s NGO partners working on the ground could support thousands of beneficiaries.

Understanding the needs on the ground, the donors remained steadfast in their support of Give’s NGO partners championing a wide array of causes. Here, we look at five NGOs that successfully raised funds through Give, India’s largest and most trusted online giving platform. 


Every year, hundreds of widow mothers are abandoned by their families. Many of them make it to the holy city of Vrindavan from across the country. Here, they are helpless and they have no other option but to beg on the streets to survive. May it be the harsh summers or brutal winters, elderly mothers of Vrindavan, have for decades, suffered in silence. 

Maitri led by Winnie Singh has been providing shelter to abandoned elderly widows in Vrindavan

During a visit to Vrindavan in 2008, Winnie Singh saw the condition of the abandoned mothers and decided to intervene. She adopted 320 elderly widows and gave them a loving home through her NGO Maitri. Over the last decade, Winnie Singh saved hundreds of elderly mothers from begging on the streets. She has given them a family they were deprived of. Through its crowdfunding campaign launched on, Maitri was able to give adopted mothers a comfortable home and also take care of all their medical needs. Almost 25,000 donors from across the world came together to help Winnie Singh in her mission. Thanks to funds raised by Maitri, over 150 women are now living with dignity. Click here to support Maitri 


Thousands of working-age individuals continue to migrate from drought-hit rural areas of Maharashtra to bigger cities in search of work. They leave behind the elderly to fend for themselves in the villages. The condition of abandoned elderly is such that they neither have the capacity to earn a living nor take care of themselves. 

Manavlok of Ambajogai through its community kitchen is feed nutritious meals to abandoned elderly in Marathwada

Our NGO partner, Marathwada Navnirman Lokayat also known as Manavlok came into the picture. The NGO has been working for the betterment of underprivileged rural communities for over forty years. It found abandonment of the elderly to be a major problem. To save the abandoned elderly from a life of malnourishment and acute poverty, Manavlok started its free-of-cost Trupti Community Kitchen service. Manavlok garnered overwhelming support for its initiative through a successful fundraising campaign on Give. It has been able to continue to provide two nutritious meals to helpless elderly in 34 villages. The kindness of our donors has enabled Manavlok to reach a number of elderly with nourishing meals. This has also given the NGO the capital to extend its services to other villages. To show your support click here.


The Delhi Council for Child Welfare (DCCW), established in 1952, stands as one of the oldest NGOs of its kind in the country and operates Palna, a home for abandoned infants. For several decades Palna has made sure that every child it has rescued receives proper medical care, the best nutrition and a safe home. There are 65 such children at Palna currently, who were forsaken by their own parents. Here, they find a safe roof with food, medication, loving caretakers and various other requirements like special care for children with special needs. 

Palna is the loving home for many orphaned children

A successful fundraising campaign by DCCW for Palna made sure that the NGO was able to give the best possible care to over 60 orphaned and abandoned newborn babies. You can continue to support Palna by clicking on the link.


This NGO has been working to end human trafficking and for the rescue as well as rehabilitation of victims since 1993. Guria garnered tremendous support from donors for its fundraising campaign. Based out of Varanasi, Guria has rescued over 5,000 persons from slavery, sex trafficking and child prostitution.

Guria not only rescues young girls forced into prostitution, but also helps convict criminals

Led by Ajit Singh and Manju, the NGO has helped shut down over 200 brothels. It has also convicted hundreds of people who forced girls into prostitution including pimps, sex traffickers and others. Thanks to our donors, the NGO was able to further strengthen its efforts not merely to rescue victims of human trafficking but also to get them justice by providing legal support. For more information click on the link.

Railway Children India

The NGO Railway Children India (RCI) has been making efforts to rescue lost children from railway platforms for over a decade. Its activities are spread across the country. RCI through its online fundraising campaign on Give was able to strike a chord with the donors for its efforts. The funds have helped this NGO save hundreds of lost children from falling into the hands of abusers. It has also reunited many with their families. RCI spends around ₹60 Lakhs annually through their Child Help Desk and Open Shelters in each location. 

Railway Children of India is Give's partner NGO that rescues children from railway stations and streets

RCI, through the help of thousands of donors, provides shelter, education, and skills training, too. Help Railway Children India to rescue many more children, click here to donate now.

Thanks to the donors’ generosity in 2022, all these NGOs can go about rescuing children from sex trafficking, caring for the elderly who are abandoned and other causes without worrying about the funds that will be needed for their programmes. 

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